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What is Business Relocation? Everything we do in a commercial transaction requires good measure. We understand this, which is every reason why getting to know you and your business is most important to us. Before leasing or purchasing your next property, have you been advised from an expert in the following areas?

  • How feasible is the next move for my business?
  • What are the steps to maximize my business when it comes to selecting a location?
  • How do I find the perfect location in such a tight market?
  • What are my resources?
  • Have I negotiated the best deal for my business or organization?
  • Have I seen all of the available inventory?
  • How does my deal compare to others in similar industries?
  • How much will my renovation cost?

If you are finding yourself with unclear answers, you should contact an expert. At Regal North Commercial, we focus on local businesses searching for property every day. Many of which, think they are getting the best deal by going unrepresented. FALSE!

As entrepreneurs in our greatly independent state, we often roll up our sleeves and do our own work as second nature. The reality however, is that most transactions in Alaska are done with one sided representation, meaning the Tenant or Buyer BELIEVES they are getting a better deal by working directly with a property owner and/or the property owner's broker. This can be drastically untrue and to debunk this common mistake, if any deal is not enhanced by the Broker, then the Broker isn't doing his or her job by accurately measuring the economics of the deal.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and property owners conduct their business not knowing how business collaboration and relationships that a broker may have in their network can enhance one's dealings, often saving the parties more money, growing wealth more aggressively, and lessening the chances for big legal mistakes. By taking advantage of a Broker's many experiences of working through a variety of transactions from start to finish in his/her career, a represented Tenant or Buyer gains insight not only on the market, but invaluable information like how a Landlord services their Tenants after the lease is signed, or if there is really another offer that the owner has once you've put an offer on a property.

These are common things that often get overlooked. At Regal North Commercial, you are not just a deal or a commission check, but a relationship that should last a lifetime.

Experience a deeper level of service.

All business owners are faced with the decision to lease or purchase a property. Whether you are starting a new business, relocating an existing company or expanding, finding the right location can present many hurdles. We represent Tenants and Buyers in securing a location that has all of the necessary components critical to a company's success. At Regal North Commercial, we specialize in taking charge to negotiate terms that lead to a signed lease or closed purchase, ALL conducted in our clients' best interest. Space programing, construction management, financial analysis, lease renewal consulting, site search and strategic negotiations are all part of our business relocation program. And last, but not least, brokerage fees are at no cost to a Tenant or Buyer.

In residential real estate, a licensee is tasked with showing homes, negotiating contracts and guiding their client through disputes along the way. Commercial leasing is the same, however, there are business implications that make Commercial and Residential like apples and oranges. Protecting a company's best interest is the other half of securing a new location, avoiding potential pitfalls of a Tenant or Buyer being unaware of common negotiating principals all because they went unrepresented.

Our Commitment to You

About Regal North

Regal North Commercial is a real estate boutique located in Anchorage, Alaska, specializing in business relocation, sales, and leasing.

Our mission is to provide hands on service to businesses in order to enhance our local business climate.

Our team is built on a unique approach to sales & leasing that provides both the needed attention and protection to companies that are in the role of buyers or tenants, while considering relevant market trends and influences shaping our local, regional, and global markets.

Regal North's business model is designed to address real estate matters affecting a business; in particular, finding a prime location for a company's unique needs. By understanding what makes a client's business successful, we strive to identify a property that best represents the services in which our clients have to offer.

Networking with local businesses is key to growing a community where success is measured by the company you keep.

Regal North Commercial has arrived to help companies transition with clarity and peace of mind.

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