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Why Engage a Residential Specialist?

As a Seller:

At Regal North Homes, we provide Sellers with a competent picture of the market to determine an appropriate and effective sales strategy. We care for your home and your family's needs as if it were our own, while understanding that is not a simple decision to sell.

The lifestyle dynamics and the home's occupants become part of the transition. We work to prepare the best strategy to obtain the most money that the market will bear, in the least amount of time on the market. Everyone knows the hassle of showing your home when you have kids, a pet, or a roommate to clean up after, and the inconvenience of having to leave your home to coordinate a last minute showing after work. Let us educate you in the art of selling your home. It doesn't have to be stressful, unorganized, or inconvenient. Our detailed expert advice will allow the process of selling your home to be a smooth transition as well as a smart decision towards your personal goals and objectives.

As a Buyer:

Most buyers are first or second time homebuyers. At Regal North Homes, we do not believe in letting you sit and wait anxiously, guessing what is around the next corner. Full education of the process, potential pitfalls, and strategies for overcoming problems, is our way of guiding you through the home buying process. This naturally stressful process is made simple for you! Ask questions, don't stress, or be afraid to critique and assess every aspect of the buying process. Stress comes from not knowing and being out of control. We will work together to plan according to your specific scenario. We communicate with experts and break down the financial aspects so you can understand your comfort level on your payments. We never push you to spend to your max! With a mission to provide you with the tools to make a solid and safe investment in your home purchase, we will serve as your guide every step of the way.

As an Investor:

Anchorage is in desperate need of a facelift! Home values are up, but property conditions are down! This is a great time to invest and gain instant equity. Give homes a facelift and then sell your investment to a family who doesn't have the time or money to upgrade a home themselves. As an investor, you know the best deals are not on the market. We do the legwork for you in finding a solid investment by contacting homeowners direct. Our goal is to assist you in getting the best deal so you can make the most money. Don't have a team for renovations? We can help with that! Nervous about a property sitting for too long and loosing value on your investment? We can help with property rentals so you can be earning money regardless of the market. Let our expert and specialized team at Regal North help your money grow and work for you as an investor. We can lead you to pre-foreclosures, potential properties to flip, as well as guide you on your next 1031 exchange to minimize capital gains tax.

About Regal North

Regal North Commercial is a real estate boutique located in Anchorage, Alaska, specializing in business relocation, sales, and leasing.

Our mission is to provide hands on service to businesses in order to enhance our local business climate.

Our team is built on a unique approach to sales & leasing that provides both the needed attention and protection to companies that are in the role of buyers or tenants, while considering relevant market trends and influences shaping our local, regional, and global markets.

Regal North's business model is designed to address real estate matters affecting a business; in particular, finding a prime location for a company's unique needs. By understanding what makes a client's business successful, we strive to identify a property that best represents the services in which our clients have to offer.

Networking with local businesses is key to growing a community where success is measured by the company you keep.

Regal North Commercial has arrived to help companies transition with clarity and peace of mind.

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